For Speech Language Pathologists & Parents

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for smartphones and tablets


Innovative Interface for Customizing Word Lists


  • Choose words according to various criteria:

- Phoneme/s & position/s
- Number of syllables
- Blends
inclusion or exclusion
- Semantic difficulty
- Articulation difficulty

  • Choose multiple phonemes simultaneously

  • Over 1000 words represented

  • Unique & easy-to-use word selection interface

Real-Time Monitoring


  • Talkie is based on real-time monitoring by the child & the clinician/parent:

  - Immediate imitation

  - Automatic recording

  - Self-monitoring

  - Built-in feedback

  • Interactive games that are geared towards helping children learn and practice speech-sound production in words of varied phonetic contexts and levels of difficulty



Fun & Games - Fully Illustrated


Games, games and bonus games...


  • Children learn and practice utilizing fun contexts.

  • Enjoy exploring racing cars, balloon-popping, trains, bricks, cogwheels, wrecking balls and more!

  • All activities are intuitive and engaging and yet completely reflect your specific therapy goals for each child.

  • Talkie already offers 5 unique game activities. Enhancements and expansions are at work! 

It Works!


"Talkie enhances the student's motivation. The fact that he can dynamically practice through self-monitoring is very important. He can judge his own performance, and that is very advantageous."

Michelle, SLP


"My Daughter wouldn't practice at home at all, and it was hard to get her to go to see the speech therapist. Now with Talkie, things are going so smoothly that I can't imagine going back to the old methods."

Sara, Parent

"The kids are having a lot of fun with Talkie: they cooperate and some even refuse to end our session - they want more! The parents are excited as well. Moreover - I myself am having fun!"

Veronica, SLP



"I want to share an exciting clinical experience: I have a seven-year-old student who suffers from developmental verbal dyspraxia and had been receiving therapy for several years already.

Recently, I had begun practicing the correct pronunciation of /sh/ with her, and for weeks, the process has been slow and with minimum cooperation.

A few days ago I started using Talkie with her. After hearing the words read out in Talkie and then hearing herself in the recording, her face lit up and she started repeating the words very accurately!

I was brought to tears by the expression of wonder and comprehension on her face. Her mother, who sat in the room with us, was astonished as well. She said she had never heard her daughter make such progress. Thank you!"

Ruth, SLP



"Hi guys. Thanks for letting me try out Talkie. Your app is cool, smiley and engaging. I really like it, and it seems that some of my more stubborn students are having fun as well.”

Barbara, SLP


"Talkie turned out to be a life-saver for me. My son's impairments are nearly gone and it has been a long time since I saw him so cheerful and self-confident."

Donna, Parent


"I think Talkie is a great app. It gives excellent solutions for numerous needed therapy options. It also can be used with multiple phonemes, filter by number of syllables and level of difficulty ... The long recording mode really hits the spot."

Ellen, SLP


"Talkie is working overtime on my iPad."
Karen, SLP


"I practiced the phoneme /l/ with my son at home. It was an amazing quality time for us. After a week of practice, I realized that he made significant progress!”

Adam, Parent

SLPlay, the company developing Talkie, was founded in 2014 by a devoted group of Speech-Language Pathologists and Product Engineers who joined forces to produce innovative technologies and flexible clinical solutions for speech therapy.


We combine clinical knowledge alongside theoretical, technological and design expertise to create the best tool available.

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