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  • Choose words according to various criteria:

- Phoneme/s & position/s
- Number of syllables
- Blends inclusion or exclusion
- Semantic difficulty
- Articulation difficulty

  • Choose multiple phonemes simultaneously

  • Over 1000 words represented

  • Unique & easy-to-use word selection interface

Real-Time Monitoring


  • Talkie is based on real-time monitoring by the child & the clinician/parent:

  - Immediate imitation

  - Automatic recording

  - Self-monitoring

  - Built-in feedback

  • Interactive games that are geared towards helping children learn and practice speech-sound production
    in words of varied phonetic contexts and levels of difficulty

Fun & Games - Fully Illustrated

      Games, games and bonus games...

  • Children learn and practice utilizing fun contexts.

  • Enjoy exploring racing cars, balloon-popping, trains, bricks, cogwheels, wrecking balls and more!

  • All activities are intuitive and engaging and yet completely reflect your specific therapy goals for each child.

  • Talkie already offers 5 unique game activities. Enhancements and expansions are at work! 

SLPlay, the company developing Talkie, was founded in 2014 by a devoted group of Speech-Language Pathologists and Product Engineers who joined forces to produce innovative technologies and flexible clinical solutions for speech therapy.


We combine clinical knowledge alongside theoretical, technological and design expertise to create the best tool available.

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Innovative Interface for Customizing Word Lists

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